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What should be a mask for spearfishing

Spearfishing is a great hobby in which everyone can find something for himself. But in order for it to deliver extremely positive emotions, you should be extremely serious in choosing the right equipment. Not in the last place is a mask for spearfishing. What you need to know in order to choose exactly the model that is guaranteed to last for many years and does not cause the slightest problems?

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5 most effective folk remedies for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can easily spoil the long-awaited vacation by the lake, hiking in the forest or harvesting. Modern creams and sprays are quite expensive and often have contraindications. In this case, folk remedies for mosquitoes, which have long been proven to be effective, can come to the rescue. Essential oils from insect bites Insects, including mosquitoes, are very sensitive to odors unpleasant for them.

Dakota hearth for a tourist

A lot of interpretations exist for this type of focus - in-depth, hidden, fossa, Polynesian. But in vernacular it’s still more familiar - the Dakota hearth. This recess in the ground is connected to another recess, the walls of which are lined with logs or stones, a fire is made inside. A bit of history At the beginning of the 19th century, once a large friendly tribe of American Indians, the Dakota “friendly” broke up into seven communities of “Otset Sakovins” - seven bonfires, most of which began to lead a nomadic life to breed horses and hunt buffalo.

Distance determination

When you are in an unfamiliar area, especially if the map is not detailed enough with conditional coordinates or no one at all, you need to focus on the eye, determining the distance to the target in various ways. For experienced travelers and hunters, the determination of distances is carried out not only with the help of many years of practice and skills, but also with a special tool - a range finder.

How to choose the best thermos for food?

Today, many people actively use thermoses for food - to keep their dinner hot for many hours. Of course, many of those who want to get such a useful device, wondering how to choose the best thermos for food. Let's talk about some of the subtleties and nuances that allow you to make the right purchase.

Rules of survival in the mountains on different sections of the path

A hike in the mountains is, to some extent, a test of oneself. Experienced travelers are attracted there again and again, and for a beginner, new experiences can be mixed with discomfort. Just like the rest of the wild nature, the mountains are fraught with dangers for which it is difficult to prepare for a beginner. The information below will help you survive in the mountains in case of danger.

Feeder loop: types and features of loops

The elements of the equipment of the feeder rod have some features in the connection method. A novice fisherman may think that everything is complicated and incomprehensible, but upon closer examination, everything is simpler than you think. The loop for the feeder knits in several variations, the methods of implementation of which are described below. Features of the feeder gear Before knitting loops for the feeder, you should know what this gear is in principle.

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What is tristend, why is it needed and what happens

Many hunters in our country have not heard of such an unusual device as the Tristend. But in the United States and Europe, tristend for hunting is used quite actively. He received the greatest distribution among hunters with a bow. But actively used by lovers of firearms. Therefore, to learn more about this device will be very useful to all lovers of this magnificent hobby.

Frostbite face

In the yard there is winter, snow, quiet and frosty evenings. And along with this, the threat of frostbite on the face also became relevant. It seems to many that this threat is far-fetched: what a frostbite in the city, in our warm winters. However, in fact, you can encounter this even at ridiculous, in general, temperatures - 10 degrees. So problems with frostbite can occur in anyone.

DIY heated insoles

Do-it-yourself heated insoles will be a good find for people who, due to circumstances, are forced to stay outdoors for a long time in the winter. This simple device will help keep your feet warm not fishing, hunting, hiking, sellers in the market, etc. In addition to the cold season, insoles are useful in spring and even in summer, in rainy weather.

How to make a tinder for flint

A knife from a tree Every avid hunter or beginner wants to have a high-quality hunting knife, which is needed not only for slaughtering and cutting carcasses of animals, but also for various kinds of work in the forest. Commercially available knives, as a rule, do not withstand intensive use, and a custom made dagger is usually expensive.

Ear at the stake: a simple and tasty recipe

Probably not a single dish is prepared as often on vacation as fish ear. Not a single fishing trip is especially complete without it. It is so nice to drink a warm, nutritious soup after an active day in the open. And, of course, the ear on the fire is much tastier and more aromatic than home-cooked.

How to cook crayfish at the stake?

Traditionally, crayfish serve as an excellent snack for beer, from which you can prepare hot dishes and soups. And yes, all this can be done on a camping trip, cooking crayfish at the stake is simple and very tasty. Arthropods are boiled or fried on a wire rack, previously they can be marinated. How to choose the right crayfish?

How to light a fire without matches

The ability to make fire is crucial in the wild, especially when you need to warm up or cook food in the winter. But it happens that matches are damp, run out, forgotten, lost, like a lighter, but there is no gas burner with you. How to get fire without matches and lighters in the forest? You can learn more about this later.

How to make a spoon from birch bark on a camping trip?

Even with a seasoned forester it happens that he leaves some things at home when he goes to the forest. It doesn’t matter if this is an insignificant thing, but when a spoon remains at home, and the trip is designed for several days, you can not do without such a device. However, you won’t even return home because of this. If there is a knife in the backpack, then there is no problem, the spoon can easily be made from natural material.

Wound Treatment

During the trip there is always a risk of getting one or another damage, injury to the surface of the skin. Proper treatment of the wound contributes to its speedy healing without the risk of blood poisoning, suppuration and infection. Of course, at the same time, it is advisable to have a minimum set of necessary funds in the first-aid kit for first aid in the event of wounds and abrasions, which relates to preliminary treatment.

We make stuffed animals for hunting with our own hands

Despite the fact that today in specialized stores you can easily purchase any goods for hunting, many craftsmen prefer to make stuffed animals for hunting with their own hands. This not only saves money, but also creates just such accessories that fully meet the requirements of an experienced hunter.

First Aid person in the fall

First aid when falling from a height depends on what injuries were received and what height was. Assistance methods vary depending on injuries of different organs and parts of the body. How to help when falling from a small height? First aid for a fall from a small height When a fall occurs from a small height, the victim is often conscious.